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Greg J Walker

Greg has recently completed work on Hoges for FremantleMedia/Seven Network and Newton’s Law for Every Cloud/ABC TV.

Greg is an accomplished composer, recording artist, arranger and producer who divides his work between screen composition and album production. He has a rare musical intelligence that captures the spirit of a production.

TV credits include:

  • Newton’s Law (Every Cloud Productions/ABC TV)
  • Hoges (FremantleMedia/Seven Network)
  • Molly (Mushroom Pictures/Seven Network)
  • Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (Every Cloud Productions/ABC TV, 3 series)
  • The Time of Our Lives (ABC TV)
  • Then the Wind Changed (ABC TV)
  • Bombora: The History of Australian Surfing (ABC TV)

Greg’s screen work combines elements of folk, rock, classical, world music and electronica to create distinctive and appealing soundscapes. He has produced award-winning albums for artists including Paul Kelly and C W Stoneking. He is the singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist behind the band Machine Translations, who have self-produced several critically acclaimed albums.

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